Stan “Stanimal” de Longeaux

Pro Body Builder Men’s Open

"You’ve got what it takes but it’s gonna take everything you’ve got

Stan “Stanimal” de Longeaux was born in Paris, France, grew up from 10 to 25 in Switzerland and then moved to the United States where his fitness career took off. Stan was introduced to sports at a very young age and played all kind of them: tennis, soccer, judo, basketball, fencing. In whichever discipline he would participate he would always strive to be the best. In 2011-2012 with the apparition of the men’s physique division he was encouraged to try and compete. That is how he prepared for his first competition toward the end of 2013 and turned pro less than 5 months later. In 2016 with the appearance of the classic physique division, Stan decided to cross over and was able to qualify to the Olympia 2018 and 2019, placing 10th in the World that year. As he kept growing and improving his physique he wasn’t able to make weight for the classic physique division anymore and decided to cross over once again but this time to the open category where he’s been placing top 5 at the last 6 shows he entered, moving up from 5th and 4th places to 3rd and 2nd, the time of the Stanimal is on the horizon.


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