Vanessa Yepez

Vanessa Yepez

NPC Bikini competitor and aspiring IFBB bikini pro

Jupiter, FL

Growing up in Caracas, Venezuela, Vanessa Yepez spent much of her childhood playing soccer with her neighbors every day until sundown. In 2000, her life changed when her family was relocated to Florida due to a job opportunity. At this point, Vanessa latched on to every opportunity that came her way. Vanessa spent her time in high school participating in extra-curricular activities such as marching band, track and field, and cross country. She quickly realized at age 18 talent without hustle would only take her so far, because for her, nothing was given – everything was earned. Vanessa’s days would start at 4am in the morning and end at 9pm – always pushing to work twice as hard as the next person. She graduated in the top 15 of her graduating class.

Vanessa went on to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering, and continued to run long distance to keep in shape. Since graduating college, she has worked in the Information Technology industry, Defense industry, and the Medical Devices industry. During this transition of different careers, her work ethic and desire to take on new challenges stayed with her. In 2014, she began competing in NPC Bodybuilding competitions while obtaining her Personal Trainer certification and Nutrition certification. Today, after 4 years of bodybuilding competitions, she continues to work in the Medical Device industry while striving to achieve an IFBB pro status. In the end, her dedication will pay off.

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