Adrienne Ochoa

Adrienne Ochoa

IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor

Lafayette, LA

110 lbs
5' 0"
Pure sweat, adrenaline and intensity are what moves this spicy Latina to push for more and break the mold of the stereotypical female athlete. Moving frequently from state to state brought Adrienne Ochoa to her college days in Seattle; the birthplace of her true love in the weight room. Over time, it was no surprise that Adrienne found herself wanting to take her fitness to the next level and that’s when she was soon introduced to the bodybuilding world.

In 2012, she entered her first competition and worked her way through four local shows, placing top five in them all. As a bikini competitor, she stood out among other contestants and heard from many that she had a different style, unlike the typical bikini look. She has never been a girly-girl, and being on stage challenged her to channel her newfound alter-ego - Spicy - which in no surprise became her nickname and caught on quickly among the competition scene.

Since entering the bodybuilding world a new dream was born: to walk on a pro-level stage and compete amongst the best in the world. In 2013, Adrienne entered her first national-level show and continued until earning the elite IFBB Pro status at the 2015 NPC Universe. Not once did she slow down or second-guess herself. Driven by pure passion and desire to be more is what keeps her fire and heart strong. Now as a new IFBB Bikini Pro, Adrienne looks forward to accomplishing even bigger dreams as a Team BSN Athlete.