Dr. Eboni Wilson

Dr. Eboni Wilson

CEO/Co-Founder of Beautiful Vision, LLC

Los Angeles, CA

305 lbs
6' 2"
Dr. Eboni Wilson is the CEO and Co-Founder of Beautiful Vision, LLC. For years, he has dedicated his life to helping urban children succeed by showing them that their current realities are not their determined futures.

Eboni grew up in South Central Los Angeles, California, moving from home to home, caregiver to caregiver. Because there was no guidance or support from his family, Eboni acted out in school from a very early age. His deviant behaviors led to multiple suspensions and interactions with law enforcement.

After enrolling in his third school, Eboni was encouraged to play football in order to redirect his emotions and channel his unknown athletic ability. With football as a tool to help him, and three mentors to guide him, Eboni soon made a change. He concentrated on school and cleaned up his academic record and behavior, resulting in a full football scholarship to Washington State University. Six and a half years later, Eboni earned his PhD, writing his ethnographic dissertation on black males visions of their futures—a subject dear to his heart.

Since earning his doctorate, Dr. Wilson has focused his passion in two areas: education and developing urban students’ self image. In his spare time, he is an avid fitness guru who admits he does it for the mental and physical challenge it brings.