Steve Rowe

Athlete/Owner Rowe Fitness

  • D.O.B. - September 11
  • From -  Gloversville, NY
  • Height - 5'7"
  • Weight - 160 lbs

Since childhood and throughout high school, Steve Rowe has always been involved in sports. He started taking the weight room seriously when he realized how it helped improve his game in all areas. Although Steve never took sports to the next level, he found his passion for fitness when he joined the US Navy.

During Steve’s military career he found himself helping others every day through fitness. He began training friends and coworkers daily, which led Steve to pursue his personal training certification and discover a new career.

After the military, Steve set a higher standard for himself and his fitness career. He spent almost all of his time producing motivational fitness videos for his YouTube channel and website. His efforts paid off. Through his media channels, Steve reached thousands of people seeking help all over the world and he created a name for himself in the fitness community.

Today Steve continues to motivate others in pursuing their fitness goals. He believes that, though motivation is not always easy to find, anyone can reach their goals and live their dreams with the right push.