Sarah Walraven

Professional Athletic Trainer

  • D.O.B. - September 24
  • From -  Munger, MI
  • Height - 5' 7"
  • Weight - 150 lbs

Sarah Walraven is a professional athletic trainer, group trainer and a motivational lifestyle coach with over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. She is a graduate of ATI (Agility Training Institute) and holds a NSCA certification as a strength & conditioning specialist and speed & agility trainer. She also holds certifications through NASM in personal training and AFPA. Throughout Sarah’s career, her education and experience set her apart as a leading health professional in Michigan.

But Sarah’s road to success wasn’t always easy. From kidney disease to kidney failure, and losing her husband in an unexpected accident, Sarah has experienced many setbacks. Despite her struggles, she continued to push forward and become an example of pure strength and positivity. Sarah’s first fitness competition was at the Grand Rapids NPC (National Physique Committee) where she won her first fitness competition. This led her to compete at the biggest bodybuilding show in the world, the 2013 Arnold Classic. After attending the Arnold, Sarah was able to market herself within the fitness community and earn a coveted sponsorship with BSN®.

Today her main focus is to motivate others, including her daughter. Sarah inspires change in her clients’ lives by helping them build confidence and happiness with who they are as a whole.