Mike Sheffer

WBFF Pro Fitness Model

  • D.O.B. - September 22
  • From -  Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Height - 5'9''
  • Weight - 175 lbs

Mike was first introduced to fitness by his father. Every day, he was encouraged to do a series of bodyweight exercises that included push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, lunges, handstands and more. This routine built a strong foundation for Mike that allowed him to dominate in a variety of team sports throughout high school, ultimately fueling a lifelong passion for fitness.

During college, Mike followed his dream of design and construction by enrolling in an engineering degree program. With a high volume of time-consuming and mentally-exhausting schoolwork, Mike turned to the gym to stay fit. Here, he quickly learned that his pre-class training regimen would do much more than build his physique. Exercising in turn de-stressed and relaxed him so that he could focus better, excel in his studies and tackle any challenge. 

Today, fitness is a lifestyle and source of meditation for Mike. He believes that it gives him more than physical strength; it gives him mental strength to push past any obstacle. As an engineer with a fast-paced day-to-day lifestyle, quality and effectiveness are critical and this is why Mike chooses BSN.