Kori Miller

NPC Bikini Competitor

  • D.O.B. - July 27
  • From -  Texas
  • Height - 5'6''
  • Weight - 130 lbs

Since a very young age, Kori Miller has been an athlete. From soccer to swimming, she’s always been naturally competitive, especially against the guys. Today Kori is a Certified Sports Enhancement Specialist, strength and agility coach, soccer coach, NPC Bikini Competitor, International Bikini Model, and Tropic Beauty Model World Finalist 2016. Plus, she’s a single mother to a beautiful little girl. There’s not a single challenge that Kori backs down from.

Her first competition was in 2012 at the Ronnie Coleman and Texas Shredder. It was here she fell in love with the fitness industry and the amazing people involved in it. After this challenge Kori went on to pursue a fitness modeling career. She also competed in a number of extreme obstacle races. Challenge after challenge, she pushed her body and mind through pre-conceived limits and came out stronger.

Kori’s newest challenge is stepping back on the stage with more focus and fire than ever before. She also wants to be an inspiration to others interested in fitness, including those busy moms with children. Her biggest joy is watching others break through walls that they’ve created themselves. That’s why she’s partnered with BSN to help others unlock their performance potential.